“I’m Here My Love…Just Beside You For The Rest of My Life” | Candid Bali Wedding Photography

Once again, I see our wedding photos and realized how much I love you. From this simple Wedding Photography, I read a lot of stories and feelings. Surely you remember…My Love, when the wedding ring was on the finger…slowly I touch you tenderly..slowly anyway. Then I hold myself to you and whisper in your ear…”I’m Here My Love…Just Beside You For the Rest of My Life”, and you were crying.

From this Wedding Photography, the history of our life begins. And we will eventually end up with happiness in old age, ends with a smile for you when I close my eyes..forever.

From this Wedding Photography, later we will tell our children and grandchildren…how happy you are with me. I Love You My Lovely Love……

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Bali Wedding Photography by www.jasminephotowork.wordpress.com phone: +6287839024507/+6287860019495/BBM 747274E1 email: jasminephotowork@gmail.com